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Automated machinery
Band Saw
Be Careful
Belt Drive
Burn Hazard
CE sign
Chain Drive
Crush Hazard
Cutter - Carbide tip
Cutter - Endmill
Do Not Remove
Do Not Touch
Earth / Ground Sign
Electrical Hazard
Electrical Sign
Emergency Stop
Explosion Hazard
Face Shield
Fire Hazard
Flying Objects
Guard / Cover
Hazardous Vapours
Hazardous Voltage
High Voltage
Loose Connection
Moving Machinery
No Open Flame
No Smoking
Noise Hazard
Pinch Point
Punch Press
Read Manual
Safety Helmet
Saw Blade
Saw Blade Cover
Servicing - Electrical
Shearing Blade
Shock Hazard
Wood Working


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  Do Not Touch
  • AGS Safety Decals are made on industrial grade, scratch resistant Vinyl / Polycarbonate material.
  • Printing is of excellent quality and on second surface. It will not fadeout or ruboff even after years of usage.
  • The 3M adhesive forms a firm bonding with Plastics, Metal, Powder Coated and PU painted surfaces.
  • This combination of premium quality materials gives AGS Safety Decals extra durability and long life.
  • They are available in different sizes and styles to suit your requirements.
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